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About User Led Organisations

What is a User Led Organisation?

An organisation that is run and controlled by people who are from the same group as the people the organisation was set up to benefit/have personal experiences of the issues the organisation was set up to address.
Information Links:
A guide that explains what a User Led Organisation is: http://www.disabilitynottinghamshire.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/A-guide-to-user-led-organisations-ULOs.pdf

The Office for Disability Issues runs a programme that aims to support and promote Disabled People’s User Led Organisations: https://odi.dwp.gov.uk/odi-projects/user-led-organisations.php

Why is User Led Training so important?

People who have lived experience of issues are the best people to explain about those issues. We are ‘experts by experience’ and can best tell it how it is, answer questions and bring the issues to life so that they mean something and have a bigger impact on the people taking part.

Why do we need a User Led Organisation in Bromley?

Research shows that use led organisations run more effective services and are better value for money because not only do we run services and manage projects but in doing that we also employ and give meaningful opportunities to disabled people. Disabled people are more likely to respond better and trust their peers which make services more effective. Our organisations have a very strong social change ethos so we are not just about running services but we are also about using every opportunity to make society better for disabled people.

For more information about Bromley Experts by Experience please look at our aims and objectives under our Information section.

How will it benefit me?

Any organisation is only as good as the people who are involved. If you would like to be part of speaking up for the rights of Deaf and disabled people and carers in Bromley then please get in contact.

For more information about how to become involved please see our Join Us section.



What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are a cash payment made direct to individuals to pay for their social care support. It gives a person more choice and control over how the support they use and how it is organised. A person does not need to manage the money themselves. They can get a third party to hold the money and pay for things for them.
For more information please see the Direct Payments page and easy read factsheets put together by Bromley Sparks.

What is the Cultural model of Deafness?

The Cultural Model of Deafness argues that Deaf people whose first language is British Sign Language are a linguistic minority. Linguistic minority means they speak a different language to the majority of people around them. The barriers Deaf people face are to do with communication, not because there is something “wrong” with their hearing. The support that Deaf people need is better access to communication support.

What is the Social model of Disability?

The social model of disability is a way of looking at disability that sees there is nothing ‘wrong’ with disabled people. We do not need to change to fit in with society. Society disables us by not understanding us, including us or being accessible to us. The barriers in society that disabled us can be attitudinal (people’s attitudes), institutional (systems that don’t include us) or environment (physical barriers like stairs instead of ramps). It is society that needs to change to make the lives of disabled people better.

The social model makes a distinction between disability, which is about the barriers we face, and impairment. The social model is different to the medical model which is all about measuring how people with impairments are different and places an emphasis on trying to treat or cure us so we can be what society says is normal.

For more information please see our Social Model of Disability page and easy read factsheet.