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Universal Credits

The Government says that Universal Credit is the biggest change to the benefits system since the 1940s.

At the moment there are more than 30 different types of benefit. The Government wants to combine these into one payment, called the Universal Credit.

The new system will start in October 2013, with pilots beginning in May 2013.

The Government says nobody will be worse off, but they also talk a lot about reducing spending on benefits.

Universal Credits will introduce a limit (called a cap) on the total benefit anyone can get.

The Government has started cutting jobs from benefit workers because it says Universal Credit will need less staff to run.

X by X and DPAC thinks this is a bad idea when they haven’t even tried out the changes yet. We are worried disable people won’t be able to access their benefits and will be left with no money.

Disabled people are worried that they will find it difficult to access Universal Credit on the internet. They are also worried that the assessment process will have some of the same problems as Work Capability Assessment.

People could have their benefit stopped if they don’t try to find work. This is not fair to disabled people who face extra barriers in getting work.

DPAC says that disabled people and disabled children should not lose out when there are people with a lot more money than they need and rich are getting richer.