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Disabled people want to work – support us by putting a STOP to changes to Acccess to Work

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Stop changes to Access to Work

Dear Minister of State for Disabled People & Iain Duncan Smith MP

Changes to Access to Work mean that Deaf, Deaf blind and hard of hearing people are being restricted to unrealistic budgets for support that does not meet their needs. The budgets are insufficient to fund qualified interpreters and prevent personal choice or control, placing jobs at risk.

Disabled people are experiencing similar issues.

The introduction of arbitrary rules has changed the relationship between Access to Work and the individuals it supports. Deaf and disabled people are no longer being acknowledged as the experts in their own access needs and issues and problems they raise are being ignored.

Please stop the changes to Access to Work support for BSL users, and disabled people.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

Access to Work isn’t a benefit and doesn’t incur a cost to government – in fact it brings money into the treasury, yet Deaf people are having their support allowance capped (meaning they can no longer afford to use qualified interpreters). This places jobs at risk and has already resulted in job losses and demotions. People currently in work are potentially being forced out of work and onto benefits, which goes against everything the government is telling us they are trying to achieve.

Deaf and disabled people bring a vast amount of skill and talent to our workforce that we can’t afford to lose. We want to ensure that full support is provided, and people are enabled to gain, maintain and progress in their chosen careers.

Personal choice and control needs to be handed back to the experts on Deaf access needs in the workplace – the individual Deaf people who use the scheme

Reasons for signing

  • Emma W. 3 days ago
    Everybody should have the right to do the job they want and be able to do it properly. Deafness should not be turned into a disability. Interpreters would be brought in for people who speak other languages and it should be the same for BSL users.
  • Morris M. 27 minutes ago
    Everyone has a right to work regardless of there ability, even if that means giving the necessary support from where ever that comes from.
  • Martin C. about 4 hours ago
    It is really important that everyone supports fellow workers who are deaf or disabled and rely on access to work.