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Wheelchair going up ramp into bus

Name and Shame the 365 Bromley bus stops that are NOT accessible

Are you a local Deaf or disabled person, who has had an issues with a bus stop that is not accessible?  Is there a bus stop that stops you in your tracks?  Bromley Mobility Forum want to hear about it!

Currently there are 365 bus stops in Bromley that do not meet the bus stop wheelchair access standards. We are looking for people to tell us about their experiences, as it’s time to name and shame those bus stops standing between you and being part of your community. Together, we can raise awareness and make a change that gets you back on the move again.


All you have to do is send your stories to Justine@xbyxbromley.com Please make sure to mention the 2 points and the 3 if you can.

1) Information on the exact location of the bus stop linked to your


2) What makes it inaccessible – what issue are you having with the bus


3) A photo / video of the issue (not necessary)


Send it to; Justine at Bromley Mobility Forum, email Justine@xbyxbromley.com or address: Lewis House address Lewis House, 30 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, BR3 4LS

For more information on what makes a bus stop accessible see below

The main criteria that make a bus stop accessible are as follows;

1. Height of the curb and making sure the pavement is even with
enough room for the bus ramp to be able to deploy safely

2. The yellow bus stop box (painted on the road) must be in line with
the bus stop, of the right size for a bus to pull into the bus stop and must not have any obstructions such as parking bays

3. Bus stops must be not have Street clutter (bins, street signs or
lamp posts) or street furniture (bench) that may prevent the bus ramp from deploying