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Accessible Travel – Priority Seating Awareness

Transport for London held their second annual Priority Seating Week on 23 – 28 April 2019. Why not make this an everyday thing, rather than just for one week of the year? X by X and the Bromley Mobility Forum suggest we all continue to share stories and use the tags below to keep these positive habits going creating a more accessible and inclusive transport system for everyone.

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Priority Seating Week (PSW) was initially launched to improve awareness of the purpose of priority seats and who they are intended to be used by. This year PSW coincides with the celebration of the two year anniversary of the ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge and card, which was launched to support people with less visible conditions to get a seat on the network.

While the ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge and card has been well received, feedback that we initially received from our stakeholders and customers, reflects that there is still a need to remind customers without accessibility needs who the priority seats are intended to be used by.

This year they placed greater focus on changing customer travel behaviours and encouraging customers to ‘Look Up!’ and around them to see if there is anyone wearing a badge or who may need to have a seat.

You should be able to hear an increase in the number of announcements from staff across all of our transport modes. This includes the London Underground, London Overground, DLR, Trams, TfL Rail and Buses including stations and vehicles. Staff will be encouraging customers to ‘Look Up’ and offer their seat if there is someone around them who needs it.

Transport for London, encouraged people to share their stories of when they’ve given up a seat or seen someone else do it on social media and in their own communication channels during Priority Seating Week.

Their key messages for customers are:

  • Please look up at every stop and see if anyone needs your seat more than you do #TravelKind
  • Please be considerate of other passengers when sitting down on public transport, there may be someone who needs your seat more than you do #TravelKind


Things to look out for:

  • Vinyl stickers

These are currently on the London Overground but will also be added to TfL Rail including the older trains running on the line.

  • Social media

We are asking for people to share their stories on when they have offered their seat or been offered a seat while travelling on public transport. Share your #LookUp and #TravelKind stories and we will retweet our favourites.


They shared different videos over the week talking about the ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge. These will be posted to our Twitter and Facebook accounts featuring different stories from customers.

  • Posters

Posters promoting PSW will be put up around the network.

  • Jubilee Line Priority Seat Moquettes

You will see the design and colours of the material for priority seats on the Jubilee Line start to change during PSW. This will continue to be installed in Jubilee line trains over the next few months.