X by X Bromley - A Community Interest Company
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General Meeting – X by X’s journey to becoming a Charity

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Some of you may remember that at our AGM in 2017 we asked members to vote to become a Charity. There is more funding available for Charities than Community Interest Companies. By becoming a Charity, it will make it easier for us to get the funding we need to keep going.

Why aren’t X by X a Charity yet?
After members voted to become a Charity, the Charity Commission told us that we had not used the right wording in our Resolution.

What do XbyX and XbyX members need to do next?
XbyX had to write another Special Resolution and we need X by X members to vote on this. We need as many people as possible to reply saying “Yes” to our Special Resolution so that we can become a Charity.  

We have written to all our members with “Notice of General Meeting to vote on a Special Resolution”, please note this is an Email / Postal Meeting. The meeting will start on 19th August 2019, and continuing until 2nd September 2019. We have written to our members with instructions on how to vote. If you have any problems voting or are going away during that time, you can send in your vote beforehand.

For updated version of our Articles of Association click here